Whimsical Bicycle

Whimsical Bicycle Art Quilt Pattern

Whimsical Bicycle Art Quilt Pattern

From Soft, Vintage to Bold and Bright

My original Whimsical Bicycle Art Quilt was created in soft, vintage prints in the spring of 2016. The pattern was released in the spring of 2017 with both the original version and a primary color option. In my roll as Island Batik Ambassador in 2018 these Canterbury Manor Batiks were in my bundle. They were perfect for another take on this bike.  

Here's What You'll Need

Whimsical Bicycle Art Quilt Pattern (available in my Etsy Shop)

Fabric Listed in Supply List on Pattern

10 Degree Wedge Ruler

Clover Fusible Bias Tape Makers & Tape Fusible Webbing

Stitch Witchery and Misty Fuse Fusible Webbings

Standard Sewing Supplies

Step One:

Cutting 72 Dresden wedges, stitching the edges into points, turning and pressing in preparation for two Dresden Wheels.

Step Two:

Audition location of colors before stitching 36 wedges together. Repeat for second wheel.

Step 3:

Select soft background fabrics for a strong contrast for appliqued bike. Piece background together for a scrappy look. Position wheels on background as instructed in pattern.

Step Three:

Audition fabrics to use for bike frame and parts. Start with the larger areas of color then add accents with smaller parts. I have lots of extra complete bike seats and handle bar grips as

I often change my mind while the quilt is on the design wall. Maybe there's a place for those in the land of misfit bike parts.

Step Four:

Two flower baskets are created for the front and back of the bike by weaving strips of batik. These will be filled with flowers in a later step.

Step Five:

Appliqued wheels and bike parts are stitched in place. I use Superior Brand Mono Poly as there's no breaking or stretching in my machine. Wheel spokes and other details are added before flowers fill both baskets. Flowers are added with a raw edge applique technique called Broiderie Perse.

Step Six:

It's off to the Avante Handi Quilter for both horizontal and vertical straight line quilting. The HQ Electromagnetic Channel Locks create perfectly stitched straight lines as my machine is not computerized. There's still time to before my next trunk show to apply binding and hanging sleeve.

Create your own Whimsical Bicycle Art Quilt then share your photos on my Facebook Page!